EMA // Florence Blanchard adopted the moniker ‘Ema’ in the early 90′s when she began spray-painting the walls of her hometown Montpellier (Fr), inspired by the worldwide graffiti phenomenon and its instantaneous appeal. It wasn’t long before her works adorned buildings and trains in the South of France, Barcelona, Paris and throughout Europe, before moving across North America.

As a resident of New York for almost a decade, her work as a visual artist can be seen throughout the city – both independently and alongside the creative elite. From wheat-pastes in Brooklyn, to gallery shows in Chelsea and large-scale mural productions in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx – Ema’s artwork transcends the parameters of her humble beginnings and incorporates visual elements inspired from her daily life and the Brooklynite artist community she belongs to.

Utilizing acrylic, watercolor, silkscreen and spray-paint on canvas – Ema creates a world of abstract scenes populated by illustrative figures in a dream-like state. Now based in Paris, she continues to explore themes of symbolism, genealogy, and science fiction.

Oh, and she also has a PhD so that’s Dr. Ema to you.

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