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Tom NewellTom J. Newell is not a quick brown fox, but after he had jumped over the lazy dog he was satisfied that his short bio for the Silver & Black Print Show would at least contain every letter of the alphabet. He could then concentrate on biggin’ himself up, which he chose to do in a third person narrative for some reason.

After graduating as a conceptual artist from Psalter Lane University, Tom Newell regained his interest in drawing cartoons and began producing gig posters, record sleeves and eventually his very own comic entitled Pictorial Showboat. It was around this time that he adopted the use of his middle initial, after discovering that the domain name ‘’ was the property of a gentleman who had once caught a lobster and had decided to use the site to display a photo of himself holding up the creature in triumph.

‘’ is now the ever expanding home to a stream of illustrations inspired by musical subcultures, skateboarding, and everything. The distribution of Pictorial Showboat has brought Tom critical acclaim from ‘some bloke in the pub who said it was alright’ and ‘this other guy who really liked it’. This kind of exposure has brought his work to a wider audience, and he is now a regular contributor to The Stool Pigeon Music Paper and Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Tom is from Chesterfield, born and raised, although Sheffield was where he spent most of his days, but he now lives and works in London.

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