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  1. One of our most popular products is this series of prints by the artist Jim Connolly, depicting the lives of ordinary and not so ordinary Sheffield folk in the style of comic books and graphic novels. Shown here with an assortment of other images, including original and reproduction prints. Use the links for more details about the various pieces...

    Jim Connolly and other prints

    Jim Connolly - 1/1a
    Terror at Tinsley Towers
    Use the Sauce
    Bargains of the Damned
    Steel Finger
    Series of 4 digital prints depicting Sheffield in another universe...
    £40.00 each framed, set of 4 £135.00. Unframed £15.00 each more details - click here

    Jo Peel - 2
    Hendersons Relish Factory
    Hand printed original screen print, framed in brown distressed pine, with double acid free window mount
    £105.00 more details - click here

    Joan Miro - 3
    Hommage à Picasso
    Off set litho reproduction, framed

    James Green - 4
    Psalter Lane View
    Digital reproduction from original linocut, in dark brown frame

    Flyer Frame - 5
    Keep memories of your favourite events going with our flyer frames
    The image in this frame is a flyer for Frozen Explosion, a 2009 exhibition for The Writer's Bench by the artist CEPT
    Frames - A5, £12.50, A4 £18.50 A3 £24.50, includes fitting your flyer.

    DLNino (Liseth) - 6
    Giclée reproduction print, Limited Edition, signed by Artist,
    Artist’s Proof, in a hand-finished black pine frame

    Henri Matisse - 7
    Les Milles et Une Nuits
    Reproduction Serigraph, framed

    Please call in to the gallery, call (0114 263 4493) or email us for further information on these pieces

    Sapper - 8
    Pile of Yard Rocks, 2012-13, ongoing project
    One of a number of interesting pieces we have collected by this emerging young artist, b. 25/8/2011 who specialises in work that addresses the (insert suitable artspeak jargon here). The artist was appointed as the artist-in-residence at APG in November 2011 since when she has been is known to offer visitors parts of her work in stone as a reward for having her tummy tickled.

  2. First featured on our walls in an exhibition at the Archipelago Gallery, 742 Ecclesall Road in 2008, just before we moved here, we are proud to again show paintings by Chris Ramsden, with a feature wall in the gallery. Here it is:

    Chris Ramsden Paintings

    Chris Ramsden

    b. 1948 Sheffield.1966-1971. Harrow School of Art , Sheffield College of Art ( B.A.Hons, Fine Art ) , Brighton College of Art ( Art Teaching Certificate ). Various exhibitions as a student, including, Young Contemporaries (ICA London), Northern Young Contemporaries (Whitworth Manchester)
    1971-2006. Secondary school Art Teacher.
    1976-2006. Head of Art Dept. Hinde House School, Sheffield.
    Senior Moderator for G.C.S.E Art & Design.
    Retired from teaching in Sept.2006.

    Since my retirement from teaching, I have been able to devote my time to reconnecting with the development of my painting.

    My current paintings are developed in groups of 5/6 at a time, all having a common related theme which evolves from the previous set.  Each set will be likely to take four or five weeks to complete. I may concentrate on colour relationships, limitations of colour, format, scale, texture, or any challenge that the previous set brought out. Within each series, there may be very closely linked paintings, in pairs or threes, where I explore the possibilities of producing near identical images, where the subtle variations of colour and tone become of particular importance.

    The paintings follow deliberately restricted vertical ‘stripe’ formats which enable me to explore the ambiguous relationships between solids, spaces, and edges.  However, I am aware that many of my paintings can be viewed in a landscape/horizontal format.

    The techniques I employ involve working an acrylic ground onto watercolour paper by painting, scraping, rubbing, dragging and pulling the paint to create different textures and thicknesses. Colour is then added and built up, overlaying transparent glazes of drawing inks, with brushes and cloths. The process is repeated many times during the course of the painting.

    Chris Ramsden, 2007

    1    Stone    49x68cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £195.00
    2,3    Staying I,II    73x24cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £115.00    £195/pr
    4    Gates    59x86cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £225.00
    5    Twice    69x74cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £215.00
    6    Call    66x80cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £225.00
    7,8    Staying III,IV    73x24cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £115.00    £195/pr
    9    Remember     52x67cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £295.00    

    UF    Pages I, II, III    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £125.00    £300/set
    UF    Want    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £125.00
    UF    Hereto    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £140.00
    UF     Returns I, II, III    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £205.00    £500/set
    UF    Tonight I, II, III    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £125.00    £300/set
    UF    Fate I,II,III    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £165.00    £400/set
    UF    Change    cm oilpaint and ink on paper    £185.00

    These will be on show until March 2nd - if you'd like to talk to us about acquiring pieces from this collection please email us or call 0114 263 4493

  3. On a rummage through our stock, we recently found a portfolio containing a number of King and McGaw published posters , which we've framed, hung all together on one wall and here it is... no apologies made for reflecting lights etc...

    The Warhol Walls

    And here's a list of whats on the wall:

    Andy Warhol  - Daisy 1982, Crimson and Pink
    Framed reproduction print (damaged print) £65.00

    Andy Warhol - Daisy 1982, Blue and Red
    Framed reproduction print (damaged print) £50.00

    Andy Warhol  - Marilyn Monroe 1967
    Off set litho reproduction / Framed reproduction print £75.00

    Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe 1967
    Off set litho reproduction / Framed reproduction print £75.00

    Andy Warhol - Knives, 1982
    Off set litho reproduction / Framed reproduction print £22.50

    Andy Warhol - Mao
    Off set litho reproduction / Framed reproduction print £45.00

    Andy Warhol - Red Sam, 1954
    Off set litho reproduction / Framed reproduction print £ 35.00

    Andy Warhol - One Blue Pussy, 1954
    £35.00 or £ 60.00 for pair (with Sam / White Frame)

    Andy Warhol - Sam, 1954
    Off set litho reproduction (white frame)
    £35.00 or £ 60.00 for pair (with 1 Blue Pussy)

    Andy Warhol - Sam, 1954
    Off set litho reproduction / (Black) Framed reproduction print £25.00

    Andy Warhol - Shoes, 1955
    Off set litho reproductions, framed
    £22.50 each or £75 for the set of 4

    All still available at the time of posting this... if you are interested email us or call  - 0114 263 4493 - and we will reserve the piece for you. Collection only.


  4. A Gallery Wall

    We've been reorganising our space on the ground floor and have a lot of framed pictures, stretched canvases and posters which we are putting on sale in a BIG clearance. From this Saturday, November 10th there will be BARGAINS, including ex-display, slightly damaged and general stock that we are moving on. Some of our hand-produced prints won't actually be marked down, but to tie in with the sale we will offer 50% off the price of any 2nd item bought during the sale, until the end of November. That's across the board, almost all of our stock is eligible, with just a very few exceptions. Buy any two, get the second one half-price. This also applies to all framing orders placed during that period. Discount applies to the lower priced item...

    There will be a make-an-offer wall, for a bit of haggling fun.

    It starts this Saturday, 10th November, a good day to come down to the yard if you want a warm welcome, and to be amongst the first to choose from selection of prints, posters and paintings, and an opportunity to pick up a bargain or two!

    Click Here to see the email we sent out to let our subscribers know about this. To receive similar updates sent direct to your email address, subscribe here


    Red Snail - Eating Dodo


    Despite the silence on this blog for the last year we are not extinct ... but sadly this guy is - this week we have been printing and framing this lovely 'Red Snail - Eating Dodo' print by Butterscotch and Beestings. Here you can see the framed 4 colour screen print alongside the original drawing the print was created from.

    The original drawing and print will be shown at the 'Ghosts of Gone Birds' exhibition which will raise money and awareness for BirdLife International's Preventing Extinctions programme.

  6. Over the last 2 week we completed two new sets of prints, a series of 12 editions of 5 prints each for Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic. and an edition of 20 prints for S1 Artspace with an image comissioned from Paul Morrison for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries...

    Paul Morrison signs Halophytes