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  1. It’s always exciting to work with an artist who isn’t afraid to be brave with framing. We created these playful compound frames from the colourful new Frinton Mouldings range. Alternating colour pairs, with the work mounted onto a mid grey acid free mount card. 6mm white spacer to allow space between the artwork and the glass and then GroGlass WW AR.

  2. Street View: Photographs of Urban Life @ Graves Gallery

    ‘The invention of smaller, lighter hand-held cameras in the late 19th century enabled photographers to escape the restrictions of the studio and take their practice onto the street. Ever since, the street has appeared in photographs as both a primary subject and an informative backdrop, contextualising the rest of the scene. This exhibition explores the diversity of the street; as a social space, as a battleground for protest and as a source of artistic inspiration.’

    We had the pleasure of working with Museum Sheffield on framing this exhibition for the Graves Gallery. They have been collecting photographic works since the 1970s and have exhibited a selection of highlights spanning from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

    The framing style was simple and coherent, using museum standard mount cards and photo corners. Below: work in progess.

    Photographs of Urban Life

  3. The current show at APG works sees the work of 2 visiting Japanese artists installed into the galleries

    The exhibition, by Yusaku Fujiwara and Chiaki Kurumizawa, reflects on the impact and aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11/3/2011.

    "Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake (magnitude 9.0) and tsunami (40 meters high) of March 11, 2011. In Japan, people are still recovering from the disaster."

    Chiaki Kurumizawa / Silver Lining
    "We Japanese uses the hot water for Shinto ritual. It means purification. I distilled the water of the disaster area and made the drop of water. And I took photograph of the light of the drop of water."

    Yusaku Fujiwara / Lotus
    "I collected plants at disaster area.
    I put the plants on the flat base which I painted in black, and put paper and print it. The parts which I put the plants are left white. These are made with accidentalness and intentional work. I caught the plants as a symbol of the life and death and lay out the traces (white shadow of life and dead)."

    Exhibition open daily 12-4pm, Monday to Saturday, May 16th to May 27th

    Private View 19th May at APG, 5pm; all welcome. Please visit the Facebook event page to confirm attendance, or email us. Thanks! 

  4. Uncertain Spaces - a solo exhihibition by Andy Cropper

    31st March - 11th April 2016 

    Andy Cropper painting1

    Andy Cropper (b. 1971, lives and works in Sheffield)
    Andy is a realist painter concerned with issues relating to the ordinary, everyday and unremarkable. He captures glimpses, ephemeral moments usually unseen or missed. His paintings are beautifully observed, kaleidoscopic and multifaceted. His recent work has become focused on the cityscapes and landscapes of Sheffield.

    For Andy the show "Uncertain Spaces" is about mystery. His work of the past few years has been about observing uncertainty within the spaces of daily life. Looking at places and scenes that make him pause, and question what it is about that given place that produces a feeling that something is different. That something is an uncanny "not quite right".

    Things of note for 2015 and 2016
    Andy has been chosen twice for the Contemporary British Painting's "painting of the day".
    Andy was chosen for Now Then magazine's artist of the month for November 2015
    2015 Still City group show, Cupola Gallery off-site exhibition at The Blue Moon, Sheffield
    2015 Overlooked group show, The Scottish Queen, Sheffield
    2015 The Harley Open group show, The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire
    2015 Stillness group show, Arts Council Funded exhibition at Bloc Projects, Sheffield